The application has two parts the submit information and the file upload. The application is broken down like this to allow users to enter their information and then allow them to go get the files they need to upload later. This presents a problem because we must make sure the user that submitted the application is the same user that enter the information in the first part of the application. To do this we will verify the users email and their reference number that they received at the end of the first part of the submission.

Adding built in authentication when you are creating a project is a simple process. It is literally a radio button.

We have all been their when the project starts authentication is not in scope and then all of a sudden it is the most important thing. Fortunately there is a way to add .Net authentication to an existing application. We are going to add .Net authentication into an application that has a seperate data layer project.

We are going to use the the PubReviews app whic we created in this article Here we have 2 projects a PubReviews.Web and…

When creating a solution you may want to seperate out your areas of concern to keep them seperate. This is done by creating different projects within the solution. This helps with seperating the data layer and the business layer from the presentation layer. Most of the guides for settting up .net core solutions have all the code in a single project. We are going to set up a multi project solution that will highlight the issues and show how to over come them. First of all we need to create a solution.

We will create a new ASP .NET Web…

The latest version of Entity Framework Core has changed how GeoSpatial searches work. I ran into this problem and I ended up following out of date guides that didn’t work and the ones that did use EF core were incomplete. So I am attempting to put together all that I have learned.

Project Set Up

We need to create our Asp.Net Core Web Application

We will need to download the following NuGets to use entity framework core. We do this by right clicking on the selecting “Manage NuGet Packages”

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